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vq35de vvt


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Hi there!


I always have gotten really great support here so i hoped some of you could help me out with the current issue at hand.


Im working on a Nissan 350z with an G4+. The car is driving so i decided to check out all the settings and values once more. I found out that the vvt is not receiving any signal from trigger 2. The vq has a combined trigger signal with the POS and CPS. I have tries some, imho, logical changes but i seem to get a signal error from the solenoids. Some of you here know whats going on? What am i doing wrong?


Hope you can help me out.


Kind regards,



350 coupe new 08-09-2018001.pclr

Log 2018-09-8 11;47;38 am.llg

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Start by running the cam angle test on both the cams, to get the correct offset numbers for the DI and trig 2 VVT.  Use a test pulse count of 6 for this test.  Report back if that doesnt solve it.



Use the smallest "cam angle #X" number from the runtimes screen below as your offset:


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