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Testing smart coils


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Hey all,

I'm going around in circles and I'm sure someone here can help me make some sense.

Trying to test a Nissan R35 smart coil on a G4+ Fury.

I can hook a dumb coil up and get a tiny spark using the PCLink ignition test (no igniter) so I know the Fury trigger and the wiring from the ECU is okay but I can't for the life of me get a  test spark on the smart coil.

Picture below of the coil, ground and power are being run direct from the battery (using awg18 wire), white runs to Link-A10 (Ign4)  and there is a alligator clip connected to the ground electrode and engine ground (not obvious in my crappy picture)

The pulse on the white wire, is 10Hz as the test should be.

Any ideas why it's not working?




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