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Thunder virtual swt issue


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There seem to be a bug with the polarity with virtual aux 7-8.

For demonstration i did a video that shows virtual aux 5 to 8 all setup the same and then from aux 17 i show the result with each of them with the working light then it shut off on Virtual 7-8 then light back up when i resellect the virtual aux 5-6

Edit. The only way that they work is to set the aux to the opposite of what it is wired...  if it work at polarity low on 5-6 then it has to be high  on 7-8


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Ok, thanks for the video. 

The virtual aux is actually working ok (if you check the virtual aux runtime you will see it is on), but the problem is something wrong with Aux 17, it seems it is not looking at the VA6-8.  Aux 17-20 appear to all have this same problem.  I will pass on to engineering to fix.  In the meantime, can you shuffle some of your virtual auxes around so that you use say VA 6 or lower on aux 17, you can still use VA7& 8 for other functions, just not to drive aux 17.  

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