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4D/5D compensation


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good day,

I'm in the process of selecting an ecu to run my (soon to be built) SR20vet project.

i am gravitating towards the G4+ storm black ecu. but i have a question?

does storm ecu have the ability to do 4D/5D tuning?

i'm thinking of using 4D/5D compensation for my water/meth kit that's on the vehicle.

can the storm ecu do this?

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thanks Adam for the quick reply, i have one more question.

so even thou i haven't purchased the ecu yet, i went ahead and downloaded the pclink software to get familiar with it.

when i load up the sample G4+ storm black configuration i see the option to enable the 4D mode and set the table activation but i dont see the actual map itself after i turned the the 4D mode on?

Am i following the correct procedure?

Also if i load another sample configuration eg the "fury" or the "evo 4-8" and i enable the 4D mode i usually get a prompt and the table appears.



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Possibly just looking in the wrong place?  Pic below to make it clearer.

The other possibility is our Storm example base map is actually quite busy, with a lot of "junk" enabled (I think this map was from our XR6 test car which normally uses a Thunder).  The Storm has 20 "table slots". Most of the basic fundamental control stuff such as fuel/ign tables etc have their own dedicated tables but many of the less commonly used functions will use one of these general purpose table allocations.  So if all of those tables are allocated it wont allow you to enable more.  You can check whats assigned down the bottom of the ECU settings tree in the table allocations menu.  From memory the Storm base map has about 17 of the 20  already used up.  It is very unlikely to need all 20 with a typical 4cyl set up.


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As I mentioned above the map you are using already has all 20 table allocations used up.  This is because it is from an engine with 6cy individual knock control, 2 VVT cams etc, multiple boost tables etc.  In the attached map I have turned off some of that stuff so you will now be able to enable a 4D table


G4+ Storm Black.pclr

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