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Turbo Speed Thunder Digital Input Wiring


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Hello, I'm new to the forum.

I just got my Link Thunder ECU and I'm looking at how best to run a turbo speed input. From looking at the documentation DI11-16 are 6.5KHz and I seem to be able to configure them as frequency inputs from the Link G4+ Software, however I've read some conflicting information from other posts as to whether or not this will work:


Is this still an issue? I'd love to not have to run a converter for the signal if I can.


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Thanks Adam this answers my question pretty well and aligns what I was seeing in the software.

A question for you as I'm getting up to speed on the Link software, I know in AIM's software you can create math channels for logging purposes. If I had a math channel I could easily do these calculations automatically to convert from the frequency to the actual RPM. Is it possible to setup Math Channels in the logger or is this something I'll have to setup somewhere else?

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Another way to work around the missing inputs on the Thunder (or to divide an input frequency down on other ECUs) is to use a CMOS 4018 IC.  No external components required and can be powered from the ECUs +5 Volt supply.  To divide by 10, the inverted Q5 output is fed back into the data input pin.  I used this last week to divide by 8 on a fury (I fed back the inverted Q4 pin to data).  It is possible to hide this in a connector rubber boot too. 

Hope this helps,







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