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rb26/30 not reving over 4K after cam swap


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Hi All,

Ill try to keep this short. Engine is a rb26/30.

Running a ross trigger kit, exact one here except the 36T on crank:


Now it was all running great, then I had some issues with the cylinder head. Got the head back and re-installed, now its popping and backfiring around 4K RPM. You can feel it sort of start to die around 3800 and starts hating life, just does not want to rev.

Now I am still getting use to this trigger setup and how it works, so forgive me if I ask a really stupid question. The only change in the cylinder head is it now has a 290 duration camshaft on the exhaust side, where as before it had 280 on both in and ex.

Would the camshaft duration change be the cause of maybe the timing being out now somehow? If so how can I now resolve it?

Everything else is checking out, ie fuel pressure, spark, no boost leaks, etc.




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Sounds like your camsensor might fire on the "wrong"/other  side of a crankkthooth compared to before.
Calibrate your timing again and see if its of its target.
Also check your triggerscope and make sure the cam and crank teeth isnt too close to each other

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Appreciate your help Adam, your a good bunch of guys at Link.

Attached is a trigger scope, and a log file of it occurring. When running it again just now, it almost feels like some kind of cut occurring, just stops revving once it hits a high rpm, comes back down again and continues to run.

Log 2018-10-23 5;49;26 pm.llg


Trigger Scope Log 2018-10-23 5;42;58 pm.llg

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