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canbus for two lambda modules


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I have a Nissan 300ZX TT that has a G4+ ECU and two Link Lambda modules.

Trying to set these up myself but i cannot get the ecu to detect the modules attached to the can bus.

All i get is these errors shown from the realtime values screen.

The cable has two connections and has a 120R resistor at the end.

I've tried just plugging in one of the modules but still cant get it to detect.


2018-10-28 14.35.58.jpg

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looks like i've managed to solve this myself thankfully.

After i sense checked all my connections and double checked the canbus cable short loom that connects to the ecu i discovered

that the wiring is all wrong compared to pictures i've seen online.

So i picked the cables off and put them in the proper locations and hey presto its working.

Just shows you you shouldn't trust ebay and double check the wiring connections when buying cables that are not oem.



2018-10-28 18.12.01.jpg

2018-10-28 18.23.39.jpg

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