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Hayabusa turbo


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EGT should be shown in CAN TC Cyl 1...4?

I also configured cyl 5..8 for just in case, but no result. Turned ECU off and on. 12 V and ground in Ecu Master EGT is OK

Tryed also give a little heat to thermocouple, no result. 




I did load the .lcs file. Should it be shown in this window?


If I try to load it again it gives me this. 


Can I check somehow, if the problem is the connection, or the device


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Why have you got TC1-4 in stream 2 again?  It wasnt like that in the file I done.

If you look in the ecumaster software, is the bit rate and ID's set to the defaults like below.  Does live data show in their software?


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No, it wasn't, I added it afterwards, when it didn't work and I did try to figure out what to do. Confused between channel and stream. But same was in stream 1. 


Setup parameters were just like that, live is ok in all 4 thermocouples. 



I checked the wiring again also. +12 and ground are obviously OK , CAN2 H (grey/purple) and L (grey/white) are rounded with each other, CAN bus end resistor OK, connection to EcuMaster with short wiring to correct terminals OK. Is this the correct CAN BUS ? CAN 2? F*ck....  I'll get back later... :-)




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And that solved it... 

I used the wrong CAN module. Sometimes I feel bit stupid, but I don't care. :D

Dyno on sunday, now everything seems to be ready for that. 

Thanks Adam! Again.  :)

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