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R33 GTR Cold start hesitation


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Only had the car a week, but now know it runs terrible when first fired up in a morning from stone cold. It starts on the button, idles fine and has never cut out. The problem starts when I first drive the car. Power totally drops off and I can see from the wideband that it goes far into lean.

I've included the base map and a log

I've compared the post start enrichment and warm up enrichment figures, from my base map to the stock G4+ map and can see a variance in values.

My question is, can I simply change my figures to match? Or do I need to take other factors into consideration (modifiications) and make incremental alterations instead?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Edit. So the lower the cell number equates to a richer fuel setting...It looks like the lower values I already have set,  suggest it would run richer than the stock base map. Does that point towards a faulty o2 sensor or something else that’s at fault?

K40 SKY Base Map.pclr

K40 SKY cold start.llg

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9 hours ago, Mr2cycle5 said:

Edit. So the lower the cell number equates to a richer fuel setting..

No, a smaller number means less enrichment (less fuel, leaner).

Post start enrichment is only active for a few seconds after start up so it is unlikely this table is your problem so forget about that for now.  It sounds more like your warmup enrichment table needs work.

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