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Info about CAN connectors


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Hello Guys,

Someone can share info about the connector used for CAN.

I need some plug and some receptacle flange mount ? (I appriciate with part number of pins, socket, plug ecc ecc)

I would try to create my own CAN Hub Haltech style with same connector used by Link




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They are LTW mini series.  Male plug is AU-06BFFA-LL7001.  Mating receptacle options below.  They are solder cups only unless you by the over-moulded cables.



Personally if I were going to do this I would probably pick something more common such as a 2pin DTM.  You can even get 2 pin DTM CAN splitters and terminators off-the-shelf.  

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I like the haltech can hub with 4 pin (power + ground + can lo + can ho)

4 pin DTM not exist a flange mount...only plug and receptacle.

DT 4 pin exist in flange mount but is too big and too expensive.

I Need a small 4 pin solution with plug and receptacle flange mount...solder or crimp is not a problem 

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I thing i'm going to use the male connector AU-04BFFA-LL7001.

I'll make a box with 8 receptacle connector AU-04PMMS-LC7001.

i like to imagine a CAN like a LAN..with one star point (like hub or switch) and all devices connected to that point.

In this way for me is simple to add/remove devices without touch the harness...with a 4 pin solution i can spread the power for all devices connected

Is a bad solution?

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2 minutes ago, EvilEvolution8 said:

Is a bad solution?

Not ideal.  CAN bus is not meant to be a star point configuration, it is meant to be a single longitudinal bus or "trunk" with termination at both ends of the bus and only short nodes splicing off the bus.  The node stubs are meant to be less than 200mm so if everything connected to your "hub" is within 200mm it will be ok.

The other problem is those connectors are only rated at 2A per pin.  That may be ok for some low power devices but for instance our CAN lambda can pull up to 8A for a short time.


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I'm not going to use Lambda over CAN (thunder has two lambda controller).

I'm going to use CAN only for I/O expanders (AN, DI, Thermocouple), dash or something like that.

Is a "logical star point" but inside is a bus...like Haltech CAN HUB for example

Like this  https://www.haltech.com/overview-elite-dtm4-can-hub/ or like this  http://www.mindsensors.com/frc/184-splitter-for-can-network

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