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Idle Speed control motors - How to


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Hi Guys, 

I have a work mate that is building a ford V8 with individual throttle bodies. The manifold supporting these don't have a system to scavenge air for a standard Idle control system. Instead he is hoping to use a motor actuated driver that he can jack the throttle open to allow the vehicle to idle when cold. He has bought a system that they used on old mustangs/escorts/Capri's  etc, link to an example of the principle below (Fig 3, 2nd page) and intends on using this. 


My question is, can this be used with the standard Link software and Storm ECU? if so what would be the correct wiring schematic for this and which output pins would allow this functionality? I

Im guessing I could just set it up and wire as a 4 wire stepper and it would be half as good? 

any help (or alternative solution) appreciated. 



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No, I dont see any way you will be able to get a DC servo motor to control idle air with our ECU.  Most engines I do are ITB and I dont bother with any idle valve.  Typically you can get pretty decent idle control just using ignition only.  Set it up so normal warm idle uses quite retarded ignition (say about 0), that means the throttle blade needs to be set open quite a way to achieve a normal idle speed.  Set up the idle ignition table with ECT on one axis so that when its cold it runs about 20deg more timing than when hot.  Thats usually enough to get it to cold idle own its own with no driver input.

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