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Sr20det Stalling


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Hey guys

Im running a Link4 G plus


For some reason my s15 sr20det stalls straight after starting it. Was running mint and suddely happended out of nowhere. Few attempts later i get an fault code, 17 which is " AN V3 at GND" (Map sensor) 

Contacted Link techicnal support and they pretty much tried to find the problem thru teamviewer with my laptop plugged in, They deleted the error code but the problem is still there. The car keeps stalling.

Any ideas on what it could be? I've tried adjusting the idle control screw and no luck.


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Can you give us a picture of the screw you adjusted?  When I was on teamviewer with you it only needed 0.5% throttle to bring the idle right so it should be doable.  Since you have no idle valve connected there is nothing else we can adjust.

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2 minutes ago, Godzilla34 said:

Yeah i'll send it,  the screw adjustment did nothing as its not even connected

It sounds like you are adjusting the wrong thing.  The throttle stop screw is on the throttle body near the throttle cable.  It will usually have a little locknut on it and either a hex socket (allen key) or screwdriver slot for adjustment.  Something like this:


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If you still cant get it to maintain an idle by adjusting the throttle stop then it suggests something more major has changed, I didnt see anything obvious in terms of ECU when I logged in the other night.  So it could be something like a vacuum leak or the CAS has shifted or the fuel pressure has changed etc.

You really need to get a tuner involved now to narrow down some of the possibilities.

If you want to do a short log of it running Im happy to take a look at it to see if there are any other clues.  here is how to do a log:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A


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@Adamw i get a reading of .39 volts on my throttle body will adjusting the stop screw allow me to sit at .45? i see when i open the throttle body a slight bit it allows me to go past .39v. 

Also is there anything that would need to be calibrated through the ecu for that? when i press the gas too fast or let go fast the car wants to die it is on a base map.


This is for a link g4x.

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