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Aim MXS dash


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The one we sell is actually the newer MXS 1.2 Strada, the MXS Strada is obsolete if that is what you are being offered.  The MXS Strada is a bit more limited in functions, display styles, CAN bus and a few other differences but it is still quite a good dash.

If you are in fact being offered the MXS 1.2 Strada then I think our Race version is exactly the same as the AIM branded version (apart from the Link logo), our street version has some different icons over the warning lights than the AIM branded version.  The Link branded dashes are also pre-configured from a software point of view.  Functionality wise there are no differences that I know of.

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41 minutes ago, Badnews said:

Next question is if I get the AIM GPS is there a way I can have the speed from the GPS get sent to the LINK Thunder and show up in a datalog? 

This is the older MXS dash and the CAN output is one of the limitations I mentioned above.  You can certainly still do what you ask - send GPS speed to the ECU, but the slightly disappointing fact is you cant send and receive on the same CAN port.  So you need to connect both of the AIM CAN ports to the ECU, the ECU is happy to send and receive on the same port so you can connect both AIM ports to just one port at the ECU end.

Once you have done that, attach your ECU and dash config here and I will set up the CAN side.

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14 hours ago, Badnews said:

Pretty sure it's the 1.2 as it had this paperwork in it. And the old MXS didn't have the video input.


Yep, looks like it.  Pretty odd they dont have 1.2 on the outside of the box but nevermind.

So as per Clint's post, the 1.2 can send data out over the same CAN port that it receives ECU data from, so you only need to connect AIM CAN1 to the ECU.  I can still help with your set up once you are closer.

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