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Mitsubishi lancer 2.0L


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Hello everyone, i recently tuned a friend's car.


Hks turbo,sard 720cc ,stroker kit to 2.0L ,wiseco pistons,eagle rods,aem 255 fuel pump,98octane ect.

So my problem is that the vehicles hydraulics make a lot of noise and i cant seperate the background noise with the actual knock.It runs 1.5 bar boost and maximum ign is 6 deg bTDC (7200rpm).is it low?First time tuning this type of engine and am not familiar what are the capabilities.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of engines? Could you tell me some info about the ign timing.

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I suspect thats probably a bit low, usually, you will need lowest timing around your torque peak - so say 4-5000RPM, but as cylinder pressure drops at higher RPM you can ramp timing up towards redline.  Example; Evo 4G63's on pump gas will often end up around 4-8deg at peak torque RPM, but maybe 15deg at redline.

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Alright.So the combustion chamber design is close to the chamber of an 4g63? Just to known if the timing should be close with an 4g63 i did ,so i can continue to achieve more torque.

Also the knock sensor is next to the drive shaft on the block and picks noise from the hydraulics i did everything and still can't clear the knock from the hydraulics Is there elsewhere to put it?

Thanks mate :)

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