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Closed Loop Lambda calculation formula


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I am trying to find how to calculate CLL fuel increase value/decrease value.
But I can not find it at help, actual log file and forum.
Attachment block diagram is my understanding for CLL control.

For example, the following setting and input value;
Fuel trim limit: 10%,
Target Lambda: 1.0
Lambda1: 0.9
CLL gain: 2.0
CLL rate: 5Hz
I would like to know how to calculate CLL output and the output value with above example case.

CLL block diagram.pdf

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Sorry, I don't have a full explanation for you as I'm on holiday but I can possibly help with some of it.

I know the term "rate" can sometimes be used in place of differential but that is not what we are referring to in the CLL settings.  In this case rate is just how often the lambda error is assessed and corrected.  5Hz means it is assessed 5 times per second.  

I'm not 100% sure of the control strategy that is used in the background but I assume since we only have a gain setting that the control is proportional only. 

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