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Help needed with ecu for cooper s


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Hi everyone new to the group. I have just purchased a new ecu for my 2003 mini cooper s. But I have noticed that it says on all the paper work that a map sensor is not included. My mini has 2 map sensors as standard will these be ok or do I need to buy a link one? I have also purchased a a CAN wideband lambda sensor. But for what I can gather that will need an additional harness to be able to connect it up and use it. If I run the link CAN lambda sensor does that then mean I can remove or take out my standard narrow band sensors?


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The factory "post supercharger" MAP sensor is normally used, it is rated for 2.5Bar absolute (approx 1.5Bar boost), assuming you are not planning to run boost higher than that then the factory one is fine.  This is already set up in our base map so you dont need to do anything, it will work out of the box.  The pre-supercharger sensor is also connected to the ECU and can be logged or used for diagnostics but it is generally not used as part of the engine control.

For the CAN lambda, the most common method to connect is by using our CANPCB adapter cable and the mating CANF plug, you still need to run your own wires from the CAN Lambda to the CANF plug though.  A pic to show this set up is below.

Some dealers may also offer a pre-fabricated loom to make life easier, here is an example from NZEFI:  http://www.nzefi.com/wp-content/uploads/NZEFI-Link-G4-G4-ECU-to-CAN-Device-Cables.jpg


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