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Ignition timing?


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I probably should have started with this question first. I didn't because I thought I was going to be able to get it tuned on a dyno. But I can't find anybody within a hundred-mile radius that will work on a modified BMW with an Eaton supercharger.

  I've been trying to get the timing set right. Using the PC link software on my laptop and a good set of noise cancelling headphones. Unfortunately I don't hear anything. I'm not sure if I even have it set to the right frequency. Right now it's set at 6 kilohertz narrow band. Gain channel 9, Windows start 5, window length 50, ignition retard limit 6.0, retard gain .5 degrees, Advanced delay 1 second, Advance rate .5 degrees per second, RPM low lockout 1300, high RPM lockout 6200, throttle position low lockout 40% throttle position Delta lockout 10%.

  Can anybody confirm if this is correct? M 50 BTU 25 engine, M54 B30 bottom end. Eaton m122 H supercharger. Deka 60lb injectors.

              Thanks, Keith

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Dive hose, Brass T and a short length of copper pipe on the engine block. Cut two pieces of hose about a foot long and make two neat holes in a set of ear defenders, put a length in each hole and use the brass T to join them to a piece of hose long enough to get to the engine. Put the end of the hose in the copper pipe and you will hear everything that engine is doing.

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