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Issue Connecting AEM CD7 to VR4Link


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I'm having trouble connecting my VR4Link G4+ to my AEM CD7 via CAN. I'm using AEM’s Plug & Play CAN bus Communication Harness (PN 30-2215) for Link/Vipec and your CANPCB cable to connect. I have the dash powering up and I can successfully upload different layouts via DashDesing software but can't get my data to transfer from the ECU to the dash. 

This is the AEM installation recommendations for Link Ecus that I used... https://www.aemelectronics.com/files/dbc/Link_G4+.pdf

I have my own custom layout I made, but I've been trying to get this working on the default Link G4+ setup for simplicity and still haven't had any luck. I attached the layout just to be clear and also attached my current link file. Any guidance to what I'm doing wrong would be great. Thanks, Chris 




Modded Start Up File 1-7-19.pclr

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Your setup is correct at the ecu end but you have a couple of mistakes in the dash set up.  You have the ecu CAN receive set up on port 1 but it should be port 2.  Also you have baud rate set to 500k, it should be 1M.  You will need to manually delete the CAN receive channels off CAN 1 then do the import again on CAN 2.



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