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Altezza RS200 3SGE it is difficult to start the car


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There are a couple things you can change that should help

1) You cranking ignition angle is 32*. This is likely too much during cranking and is making the starter work against the combustion event. Tray changing these 2 cells to 10 deg. You could also add in a new row for 250 rpm (your cranking speed is 280 ish) and set lower ignition values in this whole column. 


2) your IAT correction is subtracting 4-5% of your fuel during starting (for reference, your crank addition is only about 7% when warmed up so its pretty much negating this). Chances are your IAT is reading higher than it really is during startup anyway due to heat soak. As per this previous post, try setting the TP=0 row to have positive values of 5-10% everywhere above 35 or 30 deg. When driving you will only be on this row when coasting so it wont affect the engine when under load. If you want to be really careful you could create another row at 3 or 5%, copy your current 0 values into this row, then only mess with the 0 row.


3) your triggers being slightly off can cause extended cranking as well. Comparing your config to the link help file there are a few differences. I cant tell whether these are things youve checked for yourself and set them intentionally or if they are just copied wrong.

a) your trigger 1 timing is at 10deg with offset 145 but the expected number is 0deg with 145 offset. Did you run the trigger1 calibration of just copy this from the guide?

b) trigger 2 VVT offset is 2 degrees different. Did you run the vvt cam angle check process to get this number?

c) DI2 VVT Cam offset is a couple degrees different.

d) your arming thresholds for trig1 and 2 are lower than normal. Typically you want these to be half the max value seen on a trigger scope. Did you run a trigger scope capture on this engine?

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video I recorded a video and you can see what I mean


Engine needs more revolutions to start than it normally took with stock ECU. It feels like 2 or 3 seconds more. So it is quite noticeable. I assume this is related to fueling for instance crankshaft enrichment, but I am not quite sure what exactly to tamper with. So I have uploaded PCl and Log files and you can look at them to find a solution of this issue. I think it must be something simple, but I don't have much experience in these stuff so I don't make my own assumptions.
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The engine has to do a whole rotation for the ECU to establish its position correctly before it starts registering RPM. It looks like it did nearly 2 rotations in your case though which is what i've seen when your trigger2 offset is incorrect. In my experience if your trig2/vvt offset is correct it will fire on the second rotation, but if its incorrect, it will take roughly 1 more complete rotation to pick up its own idea of trig2 offset before it will fire on the third rotation, hence my point 3 above about checking your triggers.

I had almost this exact scenario once where I got lazy with checking cam VVT phasing and just went with the default values. Because of cam chain stretching or whatever the actual number when I checked it was ~2 degrees different and this caused what felt like 1 extra rotation of the engine before it would fire. With an accurate value in trigger2 offset it fires up quicker.

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