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How to get 6X EGTS to display on MXS Strada with Link Fury


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Hey Guys,

Have a link Fury with a MXS Strada. I have an ECUMaster EGT controller and I want to be able to display those 6 X egt values on a page on my MXS Strada. How can I make this a possibility, was told it was possible when I purchased the whole setup. 




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Are these the right files Adam?? I didnt know specifically which file you would need for the Aim dash so I zipped them all up 

15 hours ago, Adamw said:

If you attach your ECU and Dash configs I will set it up for you when I have a spare minute.



Benji Barra FINAL TUNE 7 PSI.pclr

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Sorry ! 


Here we are, heres dash and link file.

Benji Barra FINAL TUNE 7 PSI.pclr

Benjis Barra Patrol Dash Config.zconfig


Just a note, i temporarily put a math channel in that dash file to correct the AFR for now, so will probably need to delete that once you rectify the scaling Im assuming. Thanks!

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Ok, I thought you had a Link MXS 1.2 dash but it looks like you have an older MXS.  The last time I tried to do a custom CAN stream on one of these there was a bug that prevented compound messages from working.  That was quite some time ago though so it has possibly been fixed by AIM by now.

So before I waste too much time creating a new compound message can you load this configuration in your dash to see if it works.  It will be obvious if it works or not - you wont have any data working if the bug is still there.

You dont need to change anything in the ECU, just the dash for this test.


Benjis Barra Patrol CAN test.zconfig

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Hey Adam,

I still have have to fix a few things up in that config, fuel level sensor and speed input. Does that have to be finalised before you sort this stuff out ? Or can i fix those things up after youve sorted the EGT out? Just don't want to have to get you do it twice.


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