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Logging freeze at certain points. Vipec i88


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Hi all

Has anyone seen a Lag or Freeze in logging data like the below? (clearly visible where everything flat lines for around 1 second before unrealistically jumping 1k rpm or 30% idc)


It only happens on the highest boost setting (of 3) when I have water/meth active and it happens right before the WM actives. Other 2 boost settings show no issues.

I am wondering if it’s to do with the current the water/meth solenoid is drawing, the prometh solenoid is listed as a 3amp draw so I’ve wired the earth direct to the ECU and it’s controlled via a PWM output. I am wondering if this would cause the logging to freeze?

The car doesn't stumble or reflect what's in the logs.

Cheers in advance

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It looks like a USB comms drop out to me.  It could be the flyback from the solenoid interfering with USB or possibly ignition noise etc.  Can you do an ECU log instead?

Note the aux outputs are only rated for 2A so that solenoid should really be wired through a relay too.

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I found it happens when flicking the medium boost switch also, but not the high boost switch (also happens when the WM solenoid activates). low/medium/high+WM is on a 3 way switch, so WM is not the only thing causing the freezing in logging. 


And yes it is PC logging only, this is both ecu and pc at the same time and me flicking the switch back and forth (bottom you can see the linear AFR's from the pc log):


Would it be worth testing another PC?

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