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Help MY link is acting funny

Frank B

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1- i installed my link g4+ on a subaru v6 sti but i cant disable the fuel pump with the controls or the fuse on engine bay

when i switch  the fuel pump to ON it prime for 3 s and turn off as expected

but if i turn the  ignition off,  kill power to fuel pump, remove fuel  fuse  and turn back on it will still prime, this is not normal

i have the pump set as per factory base map

aux 1 fuel pump polarity low

any one have encounter a similar issue?



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not exactly

on a subaru if you want to kill the fuel pump for lets say a compression test you disconnect a pink fuse

now with the link nothing happened if i remove the pink fuse

like if the fuel pump relay is taking electricity from another place

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The ECU only supplies a ground to the fuel pump relay, exactly the same as the stock ecu.  I dont know where the fuel pump relay gets its power from in the car but it is not from the ECU.  It appears your power does not come from the pink fuse if it still works with the fuse pulled.

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