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Force GDI boost reached ERROR


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I have hooked a Force GDI on a Mustang Ecoboost engine for close to a year now and i had a trouble with it on last week end 

the car stopped during stage rallye , when we got the car in the garage we found that the speed sensor (hooked on digital input) wires melted on the downpipe ,

fixed these wires but the car wont start ,,, did plenty of tests and my opinion is that there is something wrong with the ECU 

No injector triggered and no control on the pump

short video of wath happen while the engine run with somebody throw some brake cleaner in the intake

any other idea ?



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Hi Eric.  If you pull the injector wires out of the main ECU plug and measure the resistance between the injector wires do you see normal injector resistance there?  Those errors above suggest either a short to ground or open circuit.  If resistance looks normal here then I would suspect an internal hardware issue also.

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