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Weird fuel table values


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Hello guys,

i need some help.

i tune my fuel table from 1500 to 3500 rpm and from 50 to 120kpa...values seems reasonable but when i jumped to 40kpa i need too high ve value.

car is evo 8 with stock turbo and sstock injector...gsc s2 cams...direct spark conversion....and dbw conversion.

i attached map and log.


thanks guys



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I suspect it may be the injector driver settings, you have it set to P&H but with only 0.1A hold current, that is unlikely enough to keep the injector open.

If you have low impedance injectors with no resistor then set it to 4A peak, 1A hold.  If you have high impedance or low impedance with the resistor still in place then set the drives to saturated.



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