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Link plugin Forester xt 2.5


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Hi all ,

have Any of you used a plugin link for a Forester instead of a wrx ? 

I Got a 2005 Forester 2.5xt that Will have a built engine and i would like to use a link plug in , im thinking i Can use a wrx104+ 

wrx 2004-2006 plugin ecu and then hopefully someone Can point me to what wires that needs to be swaped if Any , 

for the link to work out of the box 


let me know if anyone hot Any info before i buy a ecu for my costumer 






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I am using the 04usdm STI PnP in my 04 Forrester XT and it's truly PnP.

I believe in 05 the Forrester varied from the STI. You'd have to compare the 2 pinouts and move any differences to match.

The service manuals are out there if you look.

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Take a very close look before committing.

I recently compared a forester ECU for another user, I dont know which year but his ECU had an "AK" code.  The connector was the same but the pinout was very different to either of our "V10" ecu's.  Our ECU's will cover most AJ, AL & AM as far as I know.


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with the 2005 Forester xt edm i Can find online , it seems to be the same as the wrx104 link , 

but in the link manuel i Cant see the power and grounds , but if the wrx104 link cover the versions around the World it seems to be a direct plug in

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I'd reccomend have a look on jdmfsm.info and download a couple manuals within a year or 2 of yours. make a spreadsheet of all the wires in your actual ECU, then compare the wire colours to the manuals etc until you find one that matches. If its just very close, confirm continuity to a few easy wires (injectors, crank sensor, coils, tps. Then complete your spreadsheet with all the pin functions from the manual. From this, send it to the Link guys and they can compare it against the various subaru plugins and tell you which one matches.

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