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problem wiring injector gdi 3cyl


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I've some problem to wiring error in my suzuki's 3 cyl engine (firing order 1-3-2)

reading instruction normally i need to connect like this

cyl1 1a 1+

cyl2 1b 1+

cyl3 2a 2+

with this configuration in injector testing are powered by this table:

inj test#1 -->cyl 1

inj test#2 --> nothing 

inj test#3 -->cyl 2

inj test#4 -->cyl 3

If I start engine with this configuration fire only cyl 1 and 3

and i have wiring fault 2A-2B active


If i connect by this table:

cyl1 1a 1+

cyl2 2b 2+

cyl3 2a 2+


in injector testing all works fine and in engine fire all cylinders, 

but i still have in red wiring fault 1a-1b and 2a-2b.

What's wrong ?



log with inj 1b @ in cyl2.llg

log with inj2b @ in cyl2.llg

Suzuki swift 1.0 turbo G4+ Force GDI Start Up Map.pclr

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I suspect there may be a firmware issue that causes the wiring fault error, I'm not sure if we have tested it on a 3 cyl before so it may be something that was never considered.  I will discuss with engineering next week.  Does it run ok apart from the error?

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