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Solid State Relays help/advise needed


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Hi All,

I am new to Solid State Relays and need help/advise with regards to wiring.  I seem to be getting back-feed across the input side of the SSR  which will then turn on the switch side of the relay and items such as thermos will turn at a slow speed.  If use a jumper wire across the switch side of the relay the thermos will turn at their correct speed.  I have read on the net where people have used resistors and/or diodes to have the SSR operating correctly.  I have read and had a bit of a try to have no success.


1) My set up consists of a Master SSR that will energize the other SSR once the ignition power is turned on via the key.  (This will turn on all of the other SSR but when the key is turned off the Msster SSR will not turn off. The Led will remain ON but at half it's ON brightness which is energizing all of the other relays .


2) My thermos fan SSR with no LED ON is allowing the fan to run at a slow speed.

I would like to think my wiring is correct but I'm not sure about these SSR.  Any help / advise or your experiences would be appreciated.

I have attached pictures of the SSR and my setup.


Regards Gavin 



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