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SR16VE Locost Clubman


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Hi all,

I'm new to tuning and would like someone to double check my pcl file before I continue. I'm running a standard SR16VE nothing aftermarket apart from this Monsoon ECU I want to install. I'm kinda stuck on the Triggers. Which wires do I run from the pinout to Trigger 1 and 2. I figured T1 = 30 - Crank Angle Sensor now what about T2? Also do I have to wire in 22 - crank angle sensor 180 degree and 31 - crank central sensor 1 degree? Even if someone could write me up a quick installer I/O Table that would be cool. Your help is much appreciated. See attachments below.

Eugene Eversteijn





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I have made some changes to your map.  You can use the map compare function in PC Link to see what I have changed if you like.  But basically it looks close enough. 

A couple of unknowns:  The ECCS widest slot setting I think is meant to be 9deg for all nissans with a distributor, if you get no RPM when cranking then do the ECCS sync test to confirm.  Trigger offset is also unknown, you will have to confirm this with a timing light.

As we discussed on the phone, Trigger 1 should be connected to the pin 31 "1 Deg" signal.  Trigger 2 should be connected to the pin 22, 180 deg signal.  Other stuff should be pretty self explanatory. 


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Thanks Adam! Just a few more questions:

1. Should I wire the SR knock sensor (single wire) to Digital Input (Knock 0-5v) or to Aux Output (Knock Window)?
2. Do I need "Start Position" and a "Ignition Switch" to Digital Inputs?
3. Is "Oil Pressure Switch" to Digital Input a waste of time?
4. Can I wire a Vapor Dash speed signal to "GP Speed" Signal (Digital Input) https://www.trailtech.net/752-x
5. Do I have to adjust the "MAP Sensor" (An Volt 5) for the internal MAP in the Monsoon?
6. Aux Output - Ignition Drive 1 go to PIN 3 or 1?
7. An Input - NB Oxy go to PIN 19? Do I have to wire the O2 heater? The O2 sensor is on the extractors so it heats up pretty quick.
8. Gnd Out go to pin 21?
9. +5V to PIN 37?
10. Shield/Gnd to PIN?

Bare with me i'm learning... haha! I'll be taking the Clubby to Rob Chapman in Cooroy for a tune. Hopefully this will get me there.

Is that what I think it is in your profile pic??? :D


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  1. The Monsoon doesnt have knock control.
  2. Neither is needed.
  3. Yes, not very useful, better to wire directly to a warning light on dash.  If connected to ECU you could set up an oil pressure limiter but since most only switch on at about 4psi your bearings are already gone by then.
  4. Not sure what you are asking here, do you mean just there magnetic wheel speed sensor?
  5. No that should be set up already, just do the MAP calibration when first powered up.
  6. Ign 1 to pin 1.
  7. Yep, pin 19 if you want it.  I wouldnt bother personally unless economy/emissions is important to you.  If its a heated sensor it should have the heater connected, it doesnt need to be connected to the ECU, just give it 12V & gnd.
  8. 21 and 29.  or you can connect 21 to gnd out and 29 to Shield/gnd.
  9. Yep.
  10. See #8 above.


1 hour ago, Eversteijn said:

Is that what I think it is in your profile pic???

Yep, SR20.  That was really my first serious EFI engine about 20 years ago.

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4. Yes, It's a 2 wire magnet wheel speed sensor. Was wondering if I can tap into it for the ecu or meh?

Love the trumpets! Will probably go that way after the car is passed by transport ;) Gotta run all the emissions rubbish first on the stock ecu  :(

Thank you for answering my questions so promptly. You deserve a pay rise good sir! :D

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3 hours ago, Eversteijn said:

Pin 5 on the distributor goes to pin 3 (1st switch on signal), does this need ignition power? When I plug the stock ecu in it runs and has 12V accoss it. When I plug the Monsoon in its at 0V. Thanks.

No, it looks like dizzy pin 5 is the negative side of the coil.  This should not need to be connected to ecu.  If you dont see 12V there then I think that means you probably dont have +12V on dizzy pin 6 (the main coil supply)

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Just fixed all my problems so far. Car runs fine now. Had a hesitation issue. Ended up being a clogged Proflow brass micron fuel filter (brand new). Put a new Cooper WZ201 fuel filter in and she runs fine with no hesitation under load. Thanks Adam for your expertise!

If anyone is trying to setup a SR16VE or SR20VE on a Link G4+ here's a pclr file that will get you running. See attached file below.


Eugene Eversteijn


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