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R33 rb25 crank enrichment setting recommendation


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Hi all,

Being around with the g4+ and all working great.  More i work on it,  found it be the most powerful ecu.  Already addup ordered 10+ units for all my friends here.

All functions are pretty well known and worked out trick for setup except the crank enrichments.

I have taking HP academy go go thru that detail setting but somehow still couldnt achieve 1 crank start for cold or hot engine.  Sometime it could take maybe 2secs for engine to startup.  It use to be start just 1crank with the old ecu.

Tested thousand time but stillno luck.  Has been follow the baee map number start all over few time still the same.  As per HP academy,  warmup enrichment is good at around 14afr. 

In general,.should crank enrichment richer to be easier start up?  Im totally off...






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1 hour ago, Purpleline said:

It use to be start just 1crank with the old ecu.

What was "the old ECU"?  If you are talking about the stock ecu then that probably uses the six different width slots in the CAS to sync within 120degress of crank rotation.  Our ECU (and most other aftermarket ECU's) I suspect only syncs once its seen the widest slot which could potentially be worst case 720degs rotation. 


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