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2 questions; CAN 2 and Link USB

Captain Proton

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While removing the supercharger and manifold from my Ariel Atom 2, I pinched the CAN 1 cable which caused my Banks iDash gauge to read gibberish. I decided to do away with the cable and just run the green and white wires from loom B on my Link Fury ECU to the iDash.  My questions are now that I have elected to use CAN2 for my datastream from the Link, can I plug in my Link USB Cable that allows me to tune without having communication issues on either one of the two systems, i.e. the iDash and the PC?  Next, is there any change in the ECU via the tuning software that I will need to do to have data transmitted on the CAN2 channel?

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4 hours ago, Captain Proton said:

I wish this was the only problem.  Looks like I damaged my b loom plug, can't get it to seat correctly and the white tabs are stuck hard in the up position.  

As said, it can take quite a bit of patience to get the pins seated correctly before the white tabs lock.

I would suggest doing it one wire at a time. Insert one terminal, and then work on the plug until it locks. Once it does, unlock it again, and then insert the next terminal, and work on that until it locks again.

I find that a paperclip comes in handy for ensuring that everything is well-seated. I also find that a tiny of saliva/moisture on the body of the pin helps it slide in easier and seat all the way into the plug without the need for as much force.

Going one terminal at a time as I suggested ensures that you don't frustrate yourself trying to figure out which of your newly inserted terminals is causing the plug to stay unlocked.

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