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RX8 metering oil pump control

Richard Hill

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Good morning,

I am setting up a base map for an RX8, I have wired up the metering oil pump and assigned it to AUX 5,6,7,8 in PC Link.  How do I assign the input for the oil pump sensor?  In the RX7 I see it is an analog input with a table controlling the % of oil delivery.  The RX8 has a switch, how do I set up this switch in PC Link?  Do I connect it to an analog input and fudge the Oil stepper table somehow?




Thanks in advance,



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I dont think you are going to be able to control that.  The rotary oil pump function and the CL stepper function both need positional feedback, they dont keep count of "steps" etc.  I have never seen an RX8 one but it sounds like it must be open loop, the switch is possibly just a home/reset counter type thing?  

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