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  1. Slowgti

    DSG 7 speed controller

    Negatory. Syvecs or ecumaster are the only 2 that I know that will work with a dsg trans.
  2. I just enjoy trying different ideas and methods. Nobody builds a better mousetrap by building it the same way their father built it.
  3. Has anyone played with one of these as a map sensor? Data sheet
  4. Slowgti

    Dsg compatibility

    Understood, thank you
  5. I have been doing some research on the same thing, I am curious how this turns out.
  6. Slowgti

    Dsg compatibility

    Ok, I have access to a couple factory dsg cars. I don't know much about disassembly and coding, is this something I can hook up a can sniffer and sort out?
  7. Slowgti

    Dsg compatibility

    Hello all, I have a thunder ecu I am going to run in a Vw mk4 with a turbo 07k 5 cylinder. I have a conventional 6 speed manual trans already, I am curious about setting it up with a dsg transmission. I have found out syvecs can be setup to send the correct canbus info to the dsg mechatronic system. Has anyone here played with this on a link ecu? Thanks, Joel
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