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  1. Slowgti

    Torque reduction

    It sends the amount of reduction required.
  2. Slowgti

    Torque reduction

    Is it possible to initiate gear shift torque reduction via canbus?
  3. That's a solid sensor. There are 15-20 cars local to me running the same one.
  4. Does it plug into the obd2 plug?
  5. Should be pretty simple, just input the temp vs resistance values. The manual is really good at explaining how to add it in to your the tune.
  6. Do you have a part number or know what the base car it came off?
  7. Slowgti

    New ECU has died

    Is there power going to the ecu?
  8. Slowgti

    DSG 7 speed controller

    Negatory. Syvecs or ecumaster are the only 2 that I know that will work with a dsg trans.
  9. I just enjoy trying different ideas and methods. Nobody builds a better mousetrap by building it the same way their father built it.
  10. Has anyone played with one of these as a map sensor? Data sheet
  11. Slowgti

    Dsg compatibility

    Understood, thank you
  12. I have been doing some research on the same thing, I am curious how this turns out.
  13. Slowgti

    Dsg compatibility

    Ok, I have access to a couple factory dsg cars. I don't know much about disassembly and coding, is this something I can hook up a can sniffer and sort out?
  14. Slowgti

    Dsg compatibility

    Hello all, I have a thunder ecu I am going to run in a Vw mk4 with a turbo 07k 5 cylinder. I have a conventional 6 speed manual trans already, I am curious about setting it up with a dsg transmission. I have found out syvecs can be setup to send the correct canbus info to the dsg mechatronic system. Has anyone here played with this on a link ecu? Thanks, Joel
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