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  1. Thank you guys. I'm going to try them both coming on together initially and see what happens.
  2. I've got hold of a "Tachmatch TM03 Boost" module, which sorts the problem http://www.technoversions.com/TachMatchBoostSpecifications.html?
  3. Grant Baker

    RB25DET Base Map

    Hi, Does anybody have a base map they can share with me? RB25DET Series 2 with stock turbo etc, but 750cc injectors. Cheers
  4. Hey Guys, If you had two fuel pumps (lift and high pressure) and you wanted to switch one on before the other, is this feasible? So for example, you switch on the ignition and would like the lift pump to turn on (for example) 0.5s before the HP pump. I can see that you can set 2x Aux Outputs for Fuel Pump Control, but prime time is a single variable.
  5. Thanks. The circuit with the transistor won't work as the Datsun uses current, not voltage.
  6. Hi Guys I'm installing a G4+ Storm on a 1972 Datsun 240Z with a Step 2 RB25DET engine. Interesting job! Only issue I've got at the moment is the rev counter / tacho. It is a "4 wire" Tach which senses current from the positive side rather than having a trigger from the coil on the negative side. I understand that there is some sort of "converter" you can buy to make this sort of Tach work with a proper ECU like the G4+s, but I'm damned if I can find anything!!!! I'm happy to get the soldering Iron out and make a circuit up, but I'm not a full-on electronics dude, so not sure what's needed... Any pointers?
  7. Thanks Scott. Now, why didn't I buy a Fury?! Lol
  8. There's a hell of a lot of information in the Help files - most people don't realise just how much! Was just checking that you had looked there... Seems you are in the right direction though
  9. Thanks - we are dealers The differences aren't clear from the ECU Comparison Matrix. In fact, given the lack of price difference and the onboard wideband not being in the Matrix, you'd be hard pressed to choose the Fury... ECU Feature Matrix2015.pdf
  10. Grant Baker

    Fury vs Xtreme

    Hi, Is it right that the Fury and Xtreme are currently the same price? Seems odd...
  11. You should probably increase your MAP limit slightly. It probably did hit 300kpa, but your 10hz sample rate isn't fast enough to catch it on the log.
  12. In the "Help" Menu there is a section called Wiring diagrams. The information *should* all be there?
  13. Had this recently on an EVO 6 plug in G4+. Stepper position for a stable 1000rpm idle was 92+/-2. As throttle was applied to pull away, in real time, the stepper was jumping to 60ish steps (opening the throttle more), which meant that idle was at 1600-1700rpm. It then took about 30-40 seconds for the stepper to close to 90 and to come back down to 1000RPM So in stop-start traffic the car was a nightmare. We had to change loads of parameters, but I'm still not happy with it if I'm honest. Still jumps to 60 steps on light throttle appplication, but managed to get it to drop faster. I can't see why it's doing the drop to 60 steps! I've not told it to, so it's got to be hidden somewhere.
  14. Totally understand. I'll do some hard research and see if I can give you an idea of numbers.
  15. If this is not something you are planning to do in the near future then we will probably look at alternatives like fitting a 36-1 trigger, or unfortunately, a different ECU. It is a real shame as the "Mode 2" you have already is the least common by a long way! "Mode 3" is standard on 95% of MG-Rover engines, including those fitted to Caterham, Lotus, Westfield etc.
  16. Bump again... Customer is debating which ECU to buy right now and it will have to be a decision he makes based on whether we can do the "VVC" Style trigger...
  17. Hi Guys, Trying to find some replacement pins for the IACV plug on a Mitsubishi EVO. Pic attached. Any ideas where I can get the pins?
  18. Can I bump this? Any luck with adding this in?
  19. Calibration is very different! This is actually a "modified" Link 2.5 bar sensor with what is meant to be a 5 bar sensor soldered in. Looks more like 7 bar though! 6.5 bar abs at 4.72v
  20. Hi Guys. Does this look like a "normal" Link 5 BAR Map Sensor output: Pressure (BAR) - Volt -0.50.5300.880.51.2311.581.51.9222.272.52.6232.973.53.3243.674.54.0254.375.54.72
  21. Grant Baker

    EGT on Storm

    Hi Scott, Thanks for the reply. I read in the blurb somewhere that you can use the VO pin to output a linear voltage related to temperature... Can you suggest a different amplifier that you know works?
  22. Grant Baker

    EGT on Storm

    Hi, Has anybody used a breakout board like this: https://www.adafruit.com/product/269 So connect an EGT Probe (K Type) to the board, then use the "DO" output into an analogue input on the Storm? Apparently the output is 1mV/deg C Any opinions?
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