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  1. Tables on virtual auxiliary outputs

    Yes, I did notice that when I started playing with the tables afterwards. It would be a useful feature for sure.
  2. Tables on virtual auxiliary outputs

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add PWM table functionality to virtual auxiliary outputs? I would like to utilize them for pressure differential measurement so I can have basically a single output value that can be used on one axis of an ethrottle table or any other table for that matter. Alternatively 4D mapping on the ethrottle tables would also work equally as well. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  3. G4+ Extreme CAN coms with Racepak IQ3

    I managed to get a Haltech dash running with the Link but it had to be sent back to Racepak and have the V1 Firmware flashed back onto it. Never had any luck with the V2 Firmware.
  4. 1989 Porsche 928 Coyote Swap

    Very cool!
  5. Nissan s14.5 silvia sr20det

    Looks like that will be a fun one!
  6. Beams 3SGE + G4+ Xtreme 1983 Toyota Carina

    Great read and a great project! Love these motors. Wanted to swap one into my Celica GT-Four. Never quite made the time for it. Getting a Caldina GT-Four soon. May have to revisit that project idea.
  7. 1989 Porsche 928 Coyote Swap

    Great news! We will eagerly await results. I told Simon that if you need a beta tester for firmware I am more than happy to help.
  8. 1989 Porsche 928 Coyote Swap

    Exactly! The Gen 1 motors didn't run poorly in their park position but they sure did lose some power. I did send the tech team some scope images and some duty cycle data on how the mid lock phasers operate. They are a fair bit different in what the want for duty cycles but I have complete faith in the Link team. Hopefully they don't lose too much hair on this one.
  9. 1989 Porsche 928 Coyote Swap

    This is the Gen2. Currently working through the cam control issues. Fortunately the car still runs well with the intake cams locked.
  10. 1989 Porsche 928 Coyote Swap

    Hi guys, We just completed the first that we know of Coyote Aluminator swap into a 1989 Porsche 928. For good measure a Whipple 2.9 supercharger was piled on top with a 20% overdrive pulley setup. The power is transmitted to the wheels via a Corvette Z06 transaxle and torque tube assembly with an oversized Driveshaft Shop driveshaft and upgraded axles. To control it all we chose the powerful Thunder ECU. We will also be running a form of boost control via supercharger bypass valve to keep the car under control in the first few gears. Once we get it to the dyno and tuned we are expecting around 800WHP at around 15 psi. Looking forward to playing a bit with this one. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  11. Injector PW is changing itself - really strange

    I had a similar issue on a Thunder ECU. It ended up being a failing O2 sensor in that case.
  12. Pulse width measurement

    Some new alternators use PWM for electrical load measurement as well. Wouldn't hurt to be able to use this.
  13. MX5 NC rpm trigger

    I can confirm the Mazda 3 trigger works. Used this last week on an NC engine. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  14. water meth inj solenoid control

    The fast acting solenoid would be certainly faster to react than the pump. I know Aquamist systems use a configuration just like that. You just need to make sure there is some sort of regulation on the pump curcuit. Not all of the meth pumps have this. You also need to make sure the solenoid can handle PWM as well as methanol. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  15. need advice on an RB26 map

    The short pulsewidth adder table may not help if you are at the point of marginal misfire due to minimum pulsewith. Its more there to keep the fuel calculations consistent when using low pulsewidths. You may be beyond that. Filling that table will only effect a small part of the map. It should have no affect on higher load areas. Save your map beforehand then try it. That way you can always put the old map back in if you dont get the result you want. You will likely have to tweak the fueling a bit in the low load areas where the injectors are approaching their lowest points. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance