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  1. Injector PW is changing itself - really strange

    I had a similar issue on a Thunder ECU. It ended up being a failing O2 sensor in that case.
  2. Pulse width measurement

    Some new alternators use PWM for electrical load measurement as well. Wouldn't hurt to be able to use this.
  3. MX5 NC rpm trigger

    I can confirm the Mazda 3 trigger works. Used this last week on an NC engine. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  4. water meth inj solenoid control

    The fast acting solenoid would be certainly faster to react than the pump. I know Aquamist systems use a configuration just like that. You just need to make sure there is some sort of regulation on the pump curcuit. Not all of the meth pumps have this. You also need to make sure the solenoid can handle PWM as well as methanol. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  5. need advice on an RB26 map

    The short pulsewidth adder table may not help if you are at the point of marginal misfire due to minimum pulsewith. Its more there to keep the fuel calculations consistent when using low pulsewidths. You may be beyond that. Filling that table will only effect a small part of the map. It should have no affect on higher load areas. Save your map beforehand then try it. That way you can always put the old map back in if you dont get the result you want. You will likely have to tweak the fueling a bit in the low load areas where the injectors are approaching their lowest points. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  6. Closed Loop E-Throttle Does not work correctly

    I have some other good logs but they all exceed max file size for upload.
  7. Closed Loop E-Throttle Does not work correctly

    I have been running closed loop idle control for years on a V88 running a Ford Coyote V8. For Idle I am running 2.6 proportional at 20C and 3.2 at 100C. Never a problem with stable idle. That was from all the way back in November 2013. I have included a .llg and a .pcl This log and .pcl was during cam testing so there is only a small portion of idle at the end. At that time I was running .1 in the proprtional settings. Unfortunately I cant currently grab another log as that car was sold and the engine is currently getting swapped into another car. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance Camsworking.pcl Working Cams.llg
  8. Link PDM

    So much yes in this! I would love to see you guys produce one. If its half as good as your ECU's it would still be awesome. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  9. RX-7 Sequential Twins

    No progress yet. In the process of rebuilding the 13B. The new ECU will be going in towards the middle of next month. I dont foresee major issues with it but will definitely take some R&D time.
  10. need advice on an RB26 map

    I always tune RB26's with TPS as the main fuel load table. I even use it as the main load on the ignition table with a 4d map for boost correction. I find it makes them much snappier. You are getting fairly low in the injector pulsewidth at idle. It is possible that the dynamics of your particular injectors are not consistent enough at that low of a pulsewidth. You could try to change the 1000 rpm cell at 5.8 psi in your Target AF table to 13.8 or so. If its a low pulsewidth issue this may stabilize it a bit. It seems to be maintaining idle fairly well in the log. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance

    The Thunder will support the Coyote just fine. Can you post a scope of your triggers? One common mistake people make on the coyote is wiring the intake cam position sensors with switched 12v. This will kill the sensor. You must use the 8v sensor power from the Link ecu. Posting your trigger log will help determine if this is the issue. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance I have included a map for you to compare with. It is a Vipec V-Series map so you will need to download the appropriate software to view it but you can compare the settings to your own map. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance current.pcl
  12. Multi Fuel PCLink will always use Lambda units.

    This is where math channels would come in handy.
  13. RX-7 Sequential Twins

    Thanks for the inputs guys. I have that same vacuum diagram Adam. It is certianly convoluted especially when you look at the rats nest under the plenum. That being said it certainly sounds doable as this car is not using all of the outputs. With the added outputs of an expansion loom I think I could get it going based on Marty's description. I figure if a Power FC can do it the Link should have no problem. I just wanted to make sure it wasnt a hardware limitation before I attempted it. Thanks again guys. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  14. RX-7 Sequential Twins

    Hi guys, I have a customer running stock 99 twins on his RX-7. I am trying to convince him to switch to a Link however he would like to retain the stock sequential twin setup. I know the plug-in claims not to support the stock setup. I was just curious if this was due to an inability in the hardware/firmware/software or if it is just because no one has spent the time to test and find a way to configure the outputs in such a way to make the stock setup functional. I find it hard to believe that the Link is not capable. I would certainly be willing to give it a go if it just needs some time put in. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  15. G4+ Extreme CAN coms with Racepak IQ3

    I have spoken with some colleagues who are more knowledgeable about the Haltech IQ3 CAN V2 units. They evidently require some handshaking between the ECU and dash unit. This would explain the non-functionality with the Link stuff. Looks like this will not be a possibility. At least not without some firmware adjustments to the G4+ hardware. I was told though that Racepak will flash units back to V1. This however does limit the amount of compatible channels. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance