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Charge Temp Table

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Hello there, 

first time posting here. 

I would like to ask how do you approch Charge Temp table while tuning the main fuel map?

Im tuning my car on the road havent yet have any access to a dyno.

Seem like the fuel swing is quite a lot when my intake is heat soaked at idle.. do i remove fuel from the IAT trim without adjusting the charge temp table? 

From the way i see it, the only way to properly tune the main fuel map with charge temp table in mind is on the dyno or is it possible to do it without one? 

Chasing my tails here sometimes

Right now ive zero out both IAT and Enrichment table 

Thank you

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On the dyno I generally test with constant water temp but vary the air temp by directing hot air from exhaust or radiator into the air box.  That is a bit hard to do with road tuning.  Probably if it were me I would export a big log into MegalogviewerHD (so you can generate a lambda error math channel) and do a scatter plot of lambda error versus charge temp to see if a trend pops out.  

You may be able to do something similar directly in PC Link by turning on CLL and scatter plotting CLL fuel correction vs Charge temp.

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I was thinking of zeroing it out while i get most of my main fuel map done 

And worry about it later 

Or should i just leave it on the default value from monsoon base map?  

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