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Injector flow variance

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I just had my injectors cleaned and flow tested, and was wondering what would be the most efficient way to compensate for the variance in flow.

 Would it be using the “Individual Cyl Fuel Trim Table”?

I was thinking of using the “Single” mode, and assuming that I put the injectors in the order of the printout:

*based on the average static flow # of 512.50cc/min

does this sound correct?


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12 minutes ago, neil brown said:

Turbo charged car ?


if change fuel trim for each injector how do you know if it’s richer on that cylinder 


individual lambdas on each exhaust port 

I’ve included the flow test on the injectors.

there is quite a large variance between the injectors that i’d like to compensate for

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I recently did an EVO 9 using and AEM 4 channel wideband and logged each cylinders AFR.... the unit isn't too expensive and with a Link I'm sure you could even send the CAN data into it and log directly to the ecu.  granted adding 4 bungs to a header/manifold might be a bit on the pricey side :D but it was good learning experience. 

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