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Grant Baker

Knock Sensor 10mm

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Anybody know of a Bosch Style "donut" Knock Sensor with a 10mm hole in it rather than 8mm?

Currently I'm having some step down studs made, but would love to do it with a simple sensor change instead!

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Hi Grant,

If you have a 12mm hole, Toyota make these studs available for a few dollars, they're very commonly used on Toyota OEM applications to mount 8mm Bosch style sensors to an M12x1.25 threaded holes. The part numbers are:-

90126-08039 or 90126-08046 






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I drilled a sensor today and tried it before and after. No difference at all when using a 10-8mm stud and 8mm hole, or using an M10 bolt and drilled sensor.

Same knock levels, same background noise etc etc.

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Some VW's use an odd M8 to M10 stud, cant seem to find them now.


Or it seems you can get adapters for motorbike mirrors ( one of this pair seems to have a LH M10 male thread, the other a RH male thread )



Doesnt say thread pitch though, but ti does look like standard as opposed to typical Jap fine thread.


This also looks same idea.




Or helicoil the M10 hole to M8. It'll never hold a strong fixing, but perfectly strong enough for a knock sensor. Or get some M10 threaded rod and some dies and thread it down to M8.




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