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Canbus sensor hub

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Im trying to free up auxiliary I/O's on g4+ plugin to enable use of dbw. 

Is there a module? available that can read the sensors i have currently oil pressure and temp, fuel press, ethanol sensor, pre and post I/C water temps, and feed out to the ecu via CAN without too much complexity?



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You are limited to a few specific analog inputs over CAN (current list below).  So from your list above you could only really free up the fuel and oil press inputs by this method.  There is not a good way for any of the others. 

One of these would be suitable:  https://www.autosportlabs.com/product/analogx-4-channel-analog-to-can-interface/

What ECU do you have and what else is assigned to analog inputs?  You should only need 3 extra above a normal cable throttle setup.



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