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Spark testing and weak output


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I have a car in for tuning that runs very badly, at first I thought it was a trigger issue due to the cam and crank signals being at the same time. While swapping trigger edge for the cam I noticed the spark is so weak that I cannot get my timing light to trigger.

Coils are BOSCH 0221504006.

Testing the coil outputs in the software I have sparks that will barely jump a 2/3mm gap, Is this normal for the test mode or should I see full power?

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So it's actually possible to get a spark out of the coil even though it doesn't have a built in ignitor?

I'm not 100% sure, I didn't build or wire this one, it just came in for tuning. I hate it when they arrive on a tow truck!

Just wired in a R8 coil I had laying about for testing and the spark is very strong.

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16 minutes ago, Richard Hill said:

Yes it is possible to spark without an igniter. I even had a car which actually just ran  (barely) without an ignition amplifier. 


That is what this car is doing, it runs but very badly.

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6 hours ago, Simon said:

To confirm if an igniter is needed measure between the 12V feed and the signal in, If its low around 1 ohm then an igniter is needed.


I get 0.4 ohms

Thanks for your help, I will fit a set of coils with built in ignitors.

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