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id1000 subaru cant setup injectors. help


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Hi guys! im from Mongolia. Been trying to setup the fueling maps with no luck in last 2 weeks. 

can some one please help me with id1000 fueling map? or at least start the engine kind of thing? i am kind of new to this linkecu thing so please help :D

Best regards,


Subaru WRX V9 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr

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Try this one. You had switched it from traditional mode to modelled mode, but the fuel tables for these are completely different. All I've changed here is:

swapped out the fuel table to one from a modelled fuel base map - it should be close enough to start but will still need to be tuned

Disabled IAT correction - not usually needed for modelled fuel

put in the ID1000 deadtimes and short pulse adder times.


I would also suggest you run through some sanity checks for all your sensors before you start it. Looking at the last seen runtime values, the MAP sensor was reading 14kpa higher than atmospheric even with the engine off. The IAT & MAF IAT are differnent by nearly 10 degrees, and you TPS is reading 61% open. These all might be just quirks of the way you are testing it so far, but better to be safe than sorry.


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i've figured out idle at 14.7 so far so smooth. but when i shift to second gear it suddenly cuts. other than that car drives fine. 


basically i have
ej25 with jdm v9 heads
perrin 2.4" intake, suction
turboback decatted exhaust

blouch dom 1.5 xtr twinscroll turbo


can you please take a look at this fueling map and ignition map?

Thank you.

Naraa 1000cc idle correction 2500 #2.pclr

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A log may be more helpful, its hard to tell much from a map only.

A couple of suggestions to get started:

Turn gear shift control and over-run fuel cut off for now to eliminate those. 

On AN Volt 5 set the error low to 0 and the error high to 5.0 so the powersteer switch can work properly.  Not important - but do the same on AN Volt 4 so the CE light isnt going all the time.

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