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AEM - can

Ken Dunkley

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Also have a look at the new CAN one from 14point7.  I have been testing a pre-production one for him for 6 months or so and it is great.  About the same cost as AEM but uses the newer LSU-ADV sensor.  Uses the same CAN ID and structure as the Link CAN Lambda so is easy to set up.  https://www.14point7.com/products/spartan-3-adv

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11 hours ago, Brad Burnett said:

Yes it is able to work with the link G4+ line.  There is a specific set up details in the help file in the software.

I have used several x series units, inline and gauge, and they do quite well.  I would take them over an innovate unit any day.

Just to confirm - Via can -i want to use the AN channels for other sensors ?

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