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Speedo output/control for st205 plugin


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Hi guys, 

Just a quick one is it possible to have the link plug in g4+ control the speedo on a celica st205. 


The reason I ask is a mate of mine has an erratic speedo and we got talking about having the link control it as its already controlling the rev counter. 



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As long as ST205's have an electrionic speedo drive from the gearbox, yes it is with a little re-wiring. Somewhere in the early 90's toyota swapped from cable drive to electronic, and i'm not sure which side of this cutoff your car is. Have look at the top of the gearbox - if you see a 6-8mm thick cable screwed into it, you will need to swap the speed sensor & speedo cluster for an electronic one off a newer model. If its already got a 3 wire sensor coming out of it, you just need to get into the wiring behind the gauge cluster

Factory wiring is gearbox -> speedo, then a speed out wire from the cluster -> all other things in the car (cruise, abs, etc). This is because the wiring was all designed when they ran cable speedo's. You need to take the gearbox->speedo wire and connect it to a DI on the link, then connect an Aux out from the link back to the speed in wire on the gauge cluster. Easiest place i've found to get at both is right behind the cluster.

You can then configure offset/multiplier/etc on that aux output. 

There is a chance you wont fix your problem if its actually a flaky speedo drive motor or something sticking in the gearbox pickup, but at least you will have stats on the ECU you can compare to the speedo needle to help diagnose.

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On 6/25/2019 at 5:37 AM, PeterHay205 said:

Yes - it is possible so long as the plug-in has spare Aux outputs.

I have done this to a ST185 (the version prior to the ST205) using a wire-in version of the Storm (which has all outputs available).

Any more info on setting this up? 


The st205 has an electric speedo drive 

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