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Damaged Toyota Ignition Coils


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I'm running a Link ECU running wasted spark on a 1UZ VVTi.  I have cylinder 2 and 3 firing together.  The vehicle ran great at first but then it started developing a misfire in the first day of driving it when it was hot.   At first I thought it was a tuning problem and kept trying to sort it out.  Eventually I decided to have a look at the spark plugs and then I noticed the ignition coils on cylinders 2 and 3 had split open. I had a look at the wiring and can't figure out how it could be wired differently than the other pairs of coil on plugs.  I bought two more OEM coils and plugged them in and the truck ran beautifully again for a couple hours, then the misfire came back and now these replacement coils on cylinder 2 and 3 have split open.   Any ideas why it would just be these two and the other six are fine.  These two were much hotter to the touch than the rest.


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Here is the tune that was on it when the coils failed this time.  It's a different tune than when the first pair of coils on the same cylinders failed.  I have a log file from the drive where the coils failed a second time but it's about 12.5MB and it's too big to upload.  I'll get a smaller log file of it running and post it later.

Nige 1UZFE VVTi 20190723.2.pclr

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Kelvin from the CarTune company pointed out and now you've confirmed it.  I corrected the problem as well as a few other suggestions he gave me with my tune and it's running significantly better even with the damaged coils.  I'm looking forward to getting the new coils and hoping for even more improvement.

Anybody looking to learn about 1UZ's and wiring them as well as general knowledge and great explanations you need to check out his youtube channel "CartuneNZ".


Thank you Kelvin, Adamw and Simon.

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