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Rx8 e throttle setup link fury


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Hello, I am having an issue with what seems to be my rx8 e throttle pedal or setup of said pedal.  I have pinned the throttle out according to the rx8 wiring diagrams (or so I think) with pins A&D going to 5v, pins B&E going to gnd, and pins C&F doing to my 2 ap analog inputs (an7 and an8 on my link fury which are set to app main and sub respectively).  What I'm seeing when I go to calibrate the pedal is when it tells me to fully depress the pedal and fully release the pedal the voltage doesn't change and the sliders stay at the top of the range. I'm getting no power errors or anything like that in the ecu, and my GM Throttle body calibrates as it should.  It's a known working pedal so I'm kind of stumped here.  Any help would be great.  

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Check the actual voltages on the two signal wires.

You can do this with a volt meter or watching the runtimes in the ECU.

You want to first confirm you are actually seeing a change in voltage as the pedal moves.

Also check the error voltages on the AN volt inputs are set correctly.

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Thanks guys I ended up booking up to an oscilloscope to watch the signals and it was basically erratic which explains the bouncing around I saw sporadically through the ecu.  I ended up going to anjunk yard and picking up another one and it works flawlessly. Thanks again!

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