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Variable launch control?

George GEP

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has anybody done variable launch control on Xtreme or Storm?

i was thinking to do using Digital input where 0 would be preset 3000rpm and 1 would be 5000rpm  but what if i want to let customer choose 1000-7000 range whatever he wants 1000steps is that doable? 

hm or i can use external voltage regulator 0-5v adjustable one, wire it do analog input. and make launch rpm limit map Analog input scaled by voltages 0-5  3000-8000rpm

i guess this should work?

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Set launch RPM to 3D mode, you can then put whatever you like on the launch table axis.  The most common option is a multi-position "trim switch" connected to an analog input, you then reference the analog input on the launch table.

You really want a switch with "detents" so that you can achieve the same setting easily, something like this:


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It is up to you depending on what you are trying to acheive.  In many forms of racing it is common to have non-driven wheel speed on one axis so that the acceleration can be maximised.  Another common option is a timer that starts when the clutch is released so you increase RPM based on time.

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