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Water methanol injection control


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Hi, I'm about to install a Link G4X ecu to my celica GT4 next week and was wondering if someone who has some experience with the REV 3 3SGTE knows what dead times I should be using for the stock 540cc injectors and the factory ignition coil?

If anyone had starting points for fuel and ignition maps as a jumping off point that would also be really helpful.

I'm also going to be running methanol injection and will probably install an AEM kit but I would like to do away with AEM controller and use the Link. Does anyone know of a suitable relay that would be happy driving the pump in PWM? I'm assuming the link would be happy driving the coil of that relay directly

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The dwell times in the ST205 base map will be fine.  The fuel tables and ign tables in the base map will also be fine as a starting point.  Injector deadtimes for the stock injectors are unknown.  You can get them in the ballpark by temporarily setting inbjection mode to multipoint and then switching injection rate between 1 and 1/2 engine cycle, the lambda will stay at a similar value if when the deadtimes are close.

For the WMI pump you will need a solidstate realay for PWM, I suggest the common Hella one with the standard ISO footprint.  The 12V supply to the relay will need to come from an ignition switched source.  

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Thanks for the replay, I'm just waiting for my G4X to be shipped, can't wait to get stuck in.  I've read something on the forum saying the the Realdash app won't work with the G4X is that correct?  I was gutted to hear that as I've bee designing my dash for weeks now only to find that it won't work

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