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Bosch ABS sensor - Thunder - Not working

Grant Baker

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Hi there,

We have a little project here that is using BMW E90 hubs and wheel speed sensors. It does not have the ABS unit connected though.

Wheel speed sensors are Bosch 0986594572 and are brand new.

Initially connected to a thunder (DI 11) with DI11+ and DI11-

No signal....

So I've got a spare hub and sensor and no combination of 12v pull ups, earths, etc etc will give us any signal on my scope!

Anybody know how the heck to get the sensor to give some sort of signal??


PS. Also tried an Audi (also Bosch) wheel speed (ABS) sensor and have the same issue.

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They will be an active sensor, basically a current based 2 wire sensor.  You will need to mess around with various pull-ups or pull-downs to get a signal out of it.  You will need to get a high level above 1.5V and a low level below 1.0V for it to work.

Here's some reading that may give you some pointers: https://www.motec.com.au/filedownload.php/CTN0007 Magneto Resistive Sensors.pdf?docid=3634

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