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Sensors to Link


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Hi everyone,

car is r33 rb25det.
i want to wire my sensors ,that are requiered for the Link. It was planed that my tuner does this, but now it’s necessary that i do this ...

i want to wire:

IAT Sensor to Temp 2 (link) pin 36

wideband AEM Volt 6 (link) pin 29

Where do I put the ground wires to ? Just a proper place at the chassis ?

where can put a Zada Tech oiltemp to ?

kind regards



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Pin 50 is one of the grounds, there are a few other you can use on the header, or there is also a ground on the expansion connector.

If you go into the g4+ software, then help, pinout, gtr link it shows the info there. 

Also, you could use a spare temp in for the oil temp (pin 7 or 8 on the expansion connecter) 

EDIT: looking at dx4piccos post, if there is no output, then what frequently works for me is piggy backing the temp sensor input wire into an analog Volt input (which doesnt have a pull-up resistor and shouldnt affect the signal too much as they are high impedance inputs)







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Thank you guys,

so i‘m now at the car.

i discovered, there is a grey wire in my PIN 36 - what is that for ?

i wanted to put the pin 27 ( afm signal ) to Pin 36 and hardwire my IAT to that cable.

Pin 29 should stay in position and hardwire the brown wideband wire to it.

do i connect the ground wires to all to pin 50 ??


sorry guys , I’m such a noob, but it’s the only way I have to get my car to the tuner :(



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you probably already have an intake air temp. sensor (or a charge temp. sensor).  If possible, turn the ignition on with the G4+ connected to pc-link, and have a look at the runtime values (F12) , see if An Temp2 is connected or if it is erroring.

You will need to cut the wire on pin 29 (which was narrowband o2), and connect that to the AEM wideband wire.

If you look at the diagram I posted above (Nissan diagram) , you will see there are multiple grounds all connected.  They are all internally connected inside the Link ECU so it doesn't really matter which one you use (although I would be inclined to use a sensor ground wire like pin 50 rather than a power ground wire)


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wideband is connected as written.

The Link manual says it is factory IAT Sensor in GTRs , but I have a Gtst , so that should be empty ..

Sadly I can’t turn ignition on, because when I opened the case of the oem ecu I Found a burned Platine ( I don’t know when this happened, car ran fine - oem ecu is now on it’s way to my tuner, so he can tell me which part is broken ) so I don’t want kill my link...

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6 hours ago, Starderby said:

The Link manual says it is factory IAT Sensor in GTRs , but I have a Gtst , so that should be empty ..

That grey wire on pin 36 probably is in the engine bay somewhere not connected to anything.  But it wont be easy to find, it will be hidden under the covering.  It will be easier to depin it and swap to your AFM wire.

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