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Porsche 944 Trigger Mode


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have to install a Atom G4x on a Porsche 944, Customer wants wasted Spark Igntion.

Is it possible to use the Porsche 944 Trigger Mode ( 132 teeth trigger and 1 sync on crank ) for wasted Spark Ignition?


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just to be sure and for future Porsche 944 projects, if i want to run direct spark & seq. Injection i can use the Porsche 132 teeth Crank Trigger and add a Cam Sync Sensor.
Trigger Mode = Multi - Tooth,
Multi Tooth Postion = Crank
Tooth Count = 132
Sync Tooth = 1

Trigger 2 / Sync Mode = Cam Pulse 1x


Thank you

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No, you wont be able to use the 944 flywheel trigger for sequential with a cam sensor.

The stock system has two sensors on the flywheel, one that senses every starter tooth and another that sees a single tooth once per rev.  Because they are both on the flywheel the mechanical relationship between them is fixed.

The reason you cant swap to a cam sensor for the single sync tooth is there will be too much mechanical play between the crank and cam teeth.  With 132 teeth that is only 2.7deg between teeth.  So you only can have about +/-1.5deg "back lash" in all the cam drive system before the cam tooth would occur at a different crank tooth count.  

For sequential you will need to change to something more conventional.  I believe there are a few companies that offer 36-1 crank wheel kits for the 944.

Also, from experience, you need to make sure the flywheel teeth are in perfect condition all the way around before getting too committed.  I have seen a few guys struggle with these over the years and it has always been due to a patch(s) of worn teeth on the flywheel.

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Thanks for your answer, good advice.
You are very correct about the worn flywheel teeth, a old problem i am fighting with for 30+ years.
I have my own Porsche 944 / 60-2 Flywheel kits, a Pulley mount 60 - 2 Trigger Wheel and a 60-2 Flywheel,
same as the Porsche 968 / 60-2 Flywheel but for use with the larger dia. Porsche 944 Turbo Clutch.
Reason for asking is that i was looking to use the stock Flywheel for a cheapo Customer who don´t want to buy my one of my Trigger Kits.


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