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any ideas on this error? yes I modified the wiring, but I have tested continuity from pin to pin on the extension and I used the same wiring colors so I could easily diagnose any potential issues... colors even match the sensor colors and pin location

thanks for the help

CAN wb log error.llgx tune18.pclx

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The Error 16 and 33 are usually caused by either the power supply being too light or it can be caused by excessive inductive noise on the power circuit.  There is also a "battery under voltage" error 26 at the beginning of the log which suggests it may be the wires not big enough.  If the wires are big enough and you are getting full battery voltage at the CAN lambda plug then it is likely inductive noise.  If the relay is not connected directly to the battery then you can try the 22uF cap as per the quick start guide. 

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